Original Paper(Vol.62 No.11 pp.683-688)

Characteristics of P-Type MgCr2O4-TiO2:WO3 Ceramics for Gas Sensing Applications

Jiro TERADA, Yousuke HIRAHARA, Sigeru OMATU Shigehiko SASA and Mitsuaki YANO

Abstract:This article describes characteristics of p-type MgCr2O4-TiO2 ceramics from the viewpoint of the application to gas sensing element. The metal-oxide semiconducting ceramics were made by sintering a mixture powder of MgO, Cr2O3, TiO2, and WO3 as an additive to increase the sensitivity for chemical species. Gas detection performance as well as the structural quality was examined and found to become the highest at around 75mol%MgCr2O4-25mol%TiO2 with 0.5 wt% WO3.

Key Words:MgCr2O4-TiO2 ceramics, Gas sensing Element, WO3 additive