Original Paper(Vol.62 No.3 pp.197-200)

Shape Memory Effect and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Cu-Al Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composite

Hitoo TOKUNAGA, Kazutaka FUJITA and Yoshihiko YOKOYAMA

Abstract:Zr-Cu-Al bulk metallic glass matrix composite with precipitated crystalline phase was fabricated. The major precipitated phase of the composite is B2 type ZrCu. Compressive tests were carried out using the composite specimens with high volume fraction of B2 type ZrCu in order to investigate the mechanical properties and shape memory effect of the composite. As the results, it was found that the composite has not only high strength but also low elastic modulus. In addition, it was confirmed that a stress-induced martensitic transformation in B2 type ZrCu occurs during compressive test. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the composite exhibits shape memory effect.

Key Words:Bulk metallic glass matrix composite, Shape memory effect, Stress-induced martensitic transformation, Mechanical property, ZrCu